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A collection of events from the past few months to show what we do.  For more information please email us and we'll be happy to get in touch.

Truro Cathedral

Warnersound provided a sound system for Truro Cathedral as part of “An evening with Graham Kendrick”.

As you’d expect from a Warnersound system, the speaker positions were plotting in advance using plans of the venue to ensure the coverage would be just as needed.  Not too much power in one place but instead an evenly distributed and delayed system to ensure the musicians sounded great all across the Cathedral.  This technique also keeps the reverberant sound to a minimum, allowing some clarity in a venue usually known for sounding ambient.

Our kit on the event included our MIDAS Pro 1, d&B Q series loudspeakers and some very lovely mics including the warm sounding Neumann KMS 105.

Truro Cathedral Warnersound

Christmas ball lighting and surround sound

Warnersound were approached to provide a slightly different solution to normal.

A surround sound system was required to give the ambience of a train station with passing steam trains… slightly over emphasised to ensure that the walk through a blacked out sound tunnel to dinner would set the mood for what was to come.

This was acheived using four d&B E9 loudspeakers fed via a Motu Traveller and programmed on Logic X in advance.  Panning used the Quadaphonic setting, with additional phase effects and reverb to make the overall sound impressive.

The lighting spec was to transform the room into an Oriental feel but without eating all of the budget.  To acheive this we built four vertical truss towers each 4.5m high.  From these we were able to use a creative combination of break up gobos suited to the occasion, led washes and profiles to bring out the best parts of the venue.  The footprint of the entire rig was tiny, allowing maximum use of the space.  The Trusses gave a neat feel as well as more stability than traditional stands.

Tafahum recording project

Warnersound spent some of last year working on a recording project for internation composer and writer Benjamin Ellin alongside Syrian musician Louai Alhenawi.

This project fuses arabic instruments and sounds with European sounds to give a dramatic cinematic feel to the music.  The music includes complex time signatures as well as quarter tone harmonies.

To provide the most flexibility this project was ran as a studio recording, allowing Dave to edit each instrument and fine tune it’s natural sound easily and effectively.

Equipment used for the recording session includes the following:

MIDAS Pro 1 for warm preamps and great foldback options.

Klark Technic Network bridge to convert to MADI.

RME Madi to thunderbolt system.

Macbook Pro for 64 channels of recording capability.

Sonnox Elite bundle of plugins to give both control and musicial compression and EQ.

AKG 414s for capturing the sound of the instruments.

SeElectronic mics for close micing the wide range of instruments.

Live recordings at Revive

Warnersound were back at Ashburham House this summer for the Ichthus week long festival Revive.

As previous years Warnersound were asked to provide a great sounding PA system which could provide even coverage in a 1500 people marquee.

An addition for this year was to be able to record the worship live without any interuption to the normal flow of worship.  

Using Warnersound's new MIDAS Pro 1 console, a Klark Technik 9650 network bridge to Madi and a RME thunderbolt adapter a multitrack recording could be easily recorded each session at a sensible cost.

As well as the worship, an evening recording session took place for a new Christmas Gospel album headed up by Henry George.  This needed 40 channels of processing, easily handled by the professional setup.

The tracks are now being edited and mixed by the Ichthus team in their own time ready to be made into their live album.

Focus Opera at Chiswick House

Chiswick House Opera by Focus Opera - Outdoor Opera

Mark Grainger approached Warnersound to design a sound reinforcement system which would give clarity and warmth across a large open space whilst not looking obtrusive or absorbing the whole of the budget.

Warnersound produced a delayed system which did this and more.  The final product sounded clear and even across the entire audience area, so much so many compliments were personally given on the sound.

To acheive this Warnersound used a delayed d&B Q system in combination with delayed V subs.  These delayed subs helped to keep an even level of low frequency sound without being too loud at the front.  This also helped to achieve a punchy double bass and cello sound without feedback on stage.

The Opera group performed "Behind the Aria" on the first night and "Carmen" on the second.  A 12 piece orchestra provided the music, each fully mic'd to give the most clarity in the PA.  To acheive a high standard of vocals, DPA 4066's were used.  

The microphones were mixed on a MIDAS Pro 1, via a DL251 stagebox which enhanced the audio with it's juicy preamps.  The effects sounded great, and to keep the audio pristine this was then fed into the amps using 96kHz AES digital sound.

St. Paul's Cathedral

St Pauls Warnersound

Engineering on behalf of BHSounds, Dave was asked to mix a packed gathering of young people to equip them before the Olympics.

A Meyer Sound UPA system carefully delayed down the aisles helped to maintain clarity in a room with 9 seconds of reverb.

Dave Warner mixes Bellowhead for Scarborough Folk Festival

Bellowhead Warnersound

Dave Warner mixes Bellowhead for Scarborough Folk Festival 

Dave engineered Bellowhead on behald of BHSound for the Scarborough Folk Festival.  The changeover was short and required a careful stage plan to get the previous band off and Bellowhead with all the monitors and mics on.  The band began on time and Dave was able to use his experience to pre-empt many of their requirements before the first note was struck.

A fast paced first song allowed Dave to keep on top of the band and ensure all monitor requirements were met quickly and musically.  A great set was had from the band with both truck drivers dancing happily behind the mix position to the rhythmic sound of Bellowhead.

Graham Kendrick at Canterbury Cathedral

Warnersound were asked by Canterbury Cathedral to provide a sound system for an event celebrating discipleship within the Diocese for up to 1000 guests in the Nave.  Graham Kendrick led the worship with Raul D'Oliveira on Percussion, Simon Dennis on Bass and Tom Nicholls on Keys, a band picked to give the best orchestration for the venue.

Raul Percussion

Dave Warner designed a system that would sound even throughout the entire Cathedral Nave.  20 d&B Speakers were carefully positioned to give the most direct sound for both the speech and music to be clear all the way down the seating.  This worked so well that Dave received many compliments after the event from guests.

Canterbury Warnersound

LCGC at John Lewis - Westfield, Stratford

Warnersound provided a full PA system for the opening of the John Lewis store in Stratford.  The spec required a very neat system that would not look out of place in a brand new store, but would still be able to project across an open area and up onto three floors to give an enjoyable ambience of the gospel choir across the whole store.

Jamie Cullum

Dave Warner engineers for Jamie Cullum at sell out concert for the Vortex.

Jamie Cullum Warnersound

Dave engineered a sell out concert for Jamie Cullum and special guests at the Winter Gardens in Margate on behalf of Southby.  The event featured two grand pianos on stage, a double bass and a drum kit.  The talented musicians took it in turns to play the instruments, with various special guest pianists playing for Jamie.  Dave engineered Front of House, and James Southby engineered monitors.

The biggest challenge was to keep the exceptionally dynamic sounds from the two grand pianos balanced and in context in the large auditorium, made harder with the placement of the pianos being in line with the PA.

The end result was a brilliant night had by the audience and the engineers.  The energy of the artists was transferred to the audience with many good comments being received on the event and on blogs afterward.

David Fellingham 55 Year Extravaganza

Dave Fellingham Concert with Warnersound

CCK in Brighton were host to David Fellingham's 55 year music extravaganza in December, featuring over 130 musicians... to mix and make this event happen Warnersound were brought on board by the main man himself.

The musicians were an 80 piece choir, a 32 piece string orchestra, a salvation army brass band, a 13 piece big band and Phatfish as rhythm with Mark Edwards on Keys.  The bands played together for the finale and for the majority of the second half played as a whole bar the brass band.

The event was a huge success with Dave achieving "the best sound we've ever had" at the venue, especially with the choir balance to the rest of the musicians.  A DVD is to be published of the event, with Neal Costello mixing down the tracks.

As well as engineering the 56 channels of mics, Warnersound also provided choir mics, solo vocal mics, DI boxes and additional monitoring for the lead vocals and choir.  The d&B E3s used for the choir were able to be flown, drastically reducing the spill into the choir mics to achieve an even purer sound, as well as keeping the sight lines clear.

Phatfish and Lou Fellingham "Light" UK Tour

Dave was invited to continue engineering the sound of Phatfish and Lou for their Autumn tour across the UK.  This was a 10 date tour spanning from Bournemouth to Hastings to Leyland.

Each venue posed it's own unique challenges, from acoustically large venues, to small tight sounding venues with angled and reflective ceilings above the stage.  Fortunately for Dave he spec'd a d&B E9 rig with Q Sub to give a tight sound and options to integrate into a system, or run as a stand alone PA.  Each venue had a large age range from kids to more mature fans.  The set list allowing for this with a great selection of songs, including Acoustic numbers, Rock sounds, and more gentle singer song writer style songs.

Lighting was provided by Sam Tamplin of TSL (the bands long standing LD), featuring a flexible rig of moving lights, strobes and LED strips.

Education Conferences - Catch-Up

Education Conference with Audio Visual set up by Dave Warner of Warnersound

Warnersound has been providing technical support and equipment for an Education conference in both London and Cardiff.

The "Overcoming disadvantages for Struggling Learners" conference explained to education authorities and schools new research findings and schemes for struggling learners, including research into dyslexia as well as how new catch up schemes can help improve reading ages dramatically.

The conference was ran by Catch-Up, a non profit making charity aiming to use early intervention to reduce future difficulties in children through on going support.  Julie Lawes who booked Warnersound says of the service offered:

"Really impressed with Warner Sound. People at the Catch Up conferences commented on the high quality of the sound. It was most appreciated that it was all stress free our end! Dave thought of everything and for a reasonable price too! Would definitely use the company again"

Julie Lawes Catch Up director

Warnersound used it's new d&B stock to provide crisp audio in the room, each presenter sounding natural and intelligible so much so Dave was thanked several times by members of the audience.

The Rash

Dave Warner recorded an album for this Ashbourne based acoustic funk band for sale at their concerts.  

The recording used Warnersound's portable recording solution - a Motu Traveller and Focusrite interface and sound card to allow audio to be processed into Logic via Firewire.  This was then mixed using the onboard effects and dynamics within Logic before being mastered in house and pressed onto CD for release.  Since being released it has received local radio time as well as being an invite for the band onto the local radio shows.

The band members are John Steele, Bobby Eccles, John Dell and Nathan Harrison, playing Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Bass, Percussion and four part harmony vocals.

Samples to follow...

Revive! 2010 - Ichthus Christian Fellowship

Revive sound system engineered by Warnersound

Warnersound were this year asked to provide technical support for the three larger venues at Revive held at Ashburnham house.  These venues included the Main marquee, the Youth Jesus Generation marquee and the Childrens venue.

Each venue required a suitable Audio and Video system which could project evenly across the marquees without hot spots or areas that lacked clarity.

In the main venue carefully placed d&B speakers were used to give power without the need for more boxes, and a dispersion that could cover a large floor area without scaring the audience.  Good quality mics were used throughout to give an audio experience that sounded more hi-fi than might be expected in a marquee worship context.  These mics included the Neumann KMS 105 which enhanced the lead vocal voice presenting it well in the worship.

The band were looked after with ten mixes of monitors for the 14 musicians, including string players and percussion, and these were controllable on stage during sound check via a wireless link into the desk, allowing fine adjustment of mixes without the desperate need for a monitor engineer.

Graham Kendrick's Acoustic Gospels Tour 2010

Terl Bryant percusion sound by Dave Warner

Graham Kendrick's Acoustic Gospels Tour - May 2010

Says Graham's diary section on his website:

"The acoustics were amazingly good for such an old building, and the band are very grateful to Dave Warner, sound engineer, who has set up such an excellent technical rig.  We wish Dave all the very best as he now leaves the tour to get married in just a few days time.  A great team player, and willing to tackle any aural challenge with a constructive and positive approach..."

Warnersound have supplied technical services for Graham Kendrick's Acoustic Gospels tour across the UK.  Kit was supplied where needed ensuring the standard of the tour remained high.  Graham toured with two other musicians, Terl Bryant and Simon Dennis.  Whilst away on honeymoon Dave used Pete Lozinski to continue the engineering.

Kit for the tour included a d&B FOH and Monitor rig, Yamaha desk and both Shure and SE Electronic microphones.

Two tripods loaded with fresnels and profiles were used to keep a theatre level of lighting.

Sevenoaks Opening Ceremony

Sevenoaks School Opening Ceremony - April 2010

Warnersound provided technical support, recording and microphones for the opening ceremony of the new concert hall at Sevenoaks school.

This ceremony was attended by parents and sponsors to celebrate the finishing of the building and involved a large number of pupils from the school as well as guest artists including Emma Pears.  

Borderlands Conference

Borderlands Conference with Phatfish

Dave was booked engineer both the music by Phatfish and the conference activites.  He used a combination of in house equipment and Phatfishs own desk and microphones.  After some fine tuning on the kit all sounded good.

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