Tafahum recording project

Warnersound spent some of last year working on a recording project for internation composer and writer Benjamin Ellin alongside Syrian musician Louai Alhenawi.

This project fuses arabic instruments and sounds with European sounds to give a dramatic cinematic feel to the music.  The music includes complex time signatures as well as quarter tone harmonies.

To provide the most flexibility this project was ran as a studio recording, allowing Dave to edit each instrument and fine tune it’s natural sound easily and effectively.

Equipment used for the recording session includes the following:

MIDAS Pro 1 for warm preamps and great foldback options.

Klark Technic Network bridge to convert to MADI.

RME Madi to thunderbolt system.

Macbook Pro for 64 channels of recording capability.

Sonnox Elite bundle of plugins to give both control and musicial compression and EQ.

AKG 414s for capturing the sound of the instruments.

SeElectronic mics for close micing the wide range of instruments.

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