Christmas ball lighting and surround sound

Warnersound were approached to provide a slightly different solution to normal.

A surround sound system was required to give the ambience of a train station with passing steam trains… slightly over emphasised to ensure that the walk through a blacked out sound tunnel to dinner would set the mood for what was to come.

This was acheived using four d&B E9 loudspeakers fed via a Motu Traveller and programmed on Logic X in advance.  Panning used the Quadaphonic setting, with additional phase effects and reverb to make the overall sound impressive.

The lighting spec was to transform the room into an Oriental feel but without eating all of the budget.  To acheive this we built four vertical truss towers each 4.5m high.  From these we were able to use a creative combination of break up gobos suited to the occasion, led washes and profiles to bring out the best parts of the venue.  The footprint of the entire rig was tiny, allowing maximum use of the space.  The Trusses gave a neat feel as well as more stability than traditional stands.

Control was via a Pharos controls system which could provide stable transmission of DMX without requiring a desk.  Network linking allowed a pre-programmed selection of patterns to be selected if necessary to change the gentle colour chases within the room.  The Pharos unit could also have changed the lighting automatically at different times, however this function was not needed this time.

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