Live recordings at Revive

Warnersound were back at Ashburham House this summer for the Ichthus week long festival Revive.

As previous years Warnersound were asked to provide a great sounding PA system which could provide even coverage in a 1500 people marquee.

An addition for this year was to be able to record the worship live without any interuption to the normal flow of worship.  

Using Warnersound's new MIDAS Pro 1 console, a Klark Technik 9650 network bridge to Madi and a RME thunderbolt adapter a multitrack recording could be easily recorded each session at a sensible cost.

As well as the worship, an evening recording session took place for a new Christmas Gospel album headed up by Henry George.  This needed 40 channels of processing, easily handled by the professional setup.

The tracks are now being edited and mixed by the Ichthus team in their own time ready to be made into their live album.

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