d&B E9 Loudspeakers

We use the d&B E9.  We use these as they have a proven track record for giving fantastic results for a variety of applications, be it mid sized corporate event or all sizes of concerts.

Being a wooden box they also continue to look smart after years of use.  We paint ours with tough paint to ensure that when they go on your event they both sound great and look fantastic.  A smart speaker hides into the background much better than a tatty speaker.

The d&B E9 can give a full range but it sounds even better and draws less power from your amplifier when coupled with a great sounded subwoofer.  For more intimate acoustic events with small audiences an E9 a side can give great results.

d&B E9 loudspeaker

Day rate:  £25 + VAT

Week rate:  £75 + VAT

Amps for d&B Speakers

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