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Warnersound offer a range of sensibly priced recording packages to suit both bands and corporate events.  

We can record live events to a multitrack ready to be mixed and edited for either album, project or archive use.  Warnersound also offers both conference recording and voiceover options.

Live event recordings can be taken from the front of house digital stream to create a cost efficient method to have both a live event mixed and recorded at the same time with top quality equipment.

Equipment includes a MIDAS Pro 1 sound desk to give the crystal clear preamps and the acclaimed MIDAS warmth and a thunderbolt converter to take the digital signal into a Macbook Pro.  Smaller options are also available, including 16 channel recordings on Motu interfaces, and stereo recordings for simple events.

After your concert you can choose to either keep the raw footage or have it edited and mixed into an album in our studios.

Warnersound have a great selection of microphones for hire, perfect for voiceovers, band recordings and ambient recordings as well as live use.

A recent project in Kensington was to record classical pieces for demo purposes.  This required a complete recording package to be set up in a house to capture the artists performance.

For bands new to recording, and wanting a great performance captured, a live recording of a concert can be a great way to make a demo.

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