d&B EPAC Amplifiers

The d&B EPAC is a great little amplifier which packs a punch for a range of speakers.  These can be hired as single units or more usually as a pair.

The version 3 EPAC has an LED display on the front and is easy to adjust the speaker selection as well as options on input delay.  These functions make this unit great in delayed speaker setups.

Our version 2 EPACs are also great little amps.  Speaker selection is more limited and chosen via dip switches on the backs of the amp.  We would usually set these for you before they leave out warehouse.

Hire Prices:


Day rate:  £15 + VAT

Week rate:  £45 + VAT


Day rate:  £12 + VAT

Week rate:  £36 + VAT

Speakers for events

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