Graham Kendrick's Acoustic Gospels Tour 2010

Terl Bryant percusion sound by Dave Warner

Graham Kendrick's Acoustic Gospels Tour - May 2010

Says Graham's diary section on his website:

"The acoustics were amazingly good for such an old building, and the band are very grateful to Dave Warner, sound engineer, who has set up such an excellent technical rig.  We wish Dave all the very best as he now leaves the tour to get married in just a few days time.  A great team player, and willing to tackle any aural challenge with a constructive and positive approach..."

Warnersound have supplied technical services for Graham Kendrick's Acoustic Gospels tour across the UK.  Kit was supplied where needed ensuring the standard of the tour remained high.  Graham toured with two other musicians, Terl Bryant and Simon Dennis.  Whilst away on honeymoon Dave used Pete Lozinski to continue the engineering.

Kit for the tour included a d&B FOH and Monitor rig, Yamaha desk and both Shure and SE Electronic microphones.

Two tripods loaded with fresnels and profiles were used to keep a theatre level of lighting.

Venues included Medieval Churches, Town Halls and state of the art concert halls.

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