Cables for Musicians

Warnersound manufacture quality cables for stage use.

These cables are rugged and built to give ultimate strength and performance as well as looking great on stage.

Neutrick connectors are used with cable chosen for it's durability as well as it's electrical properties.  For more demanding applications Starquad cable can be specified for ultimate rejection against electrical interference.

Below are some examples of bespoke cables manufactured at Warnersound, other combinations are available as we design and build for each order.

Silent Jack for Radio Electric Guitar

Special Cables

Neutrick CrystalCON connectors for when you'd like an extra sparkle for your musicians.  These have gold plated connections and sparkle in the stage light for both a great sound and visual effect.

Radio Adapters

Radio adapters.  When you need to plug an instrument into a radio system a robust Jack is essential.  What's also important is to ensure it's matched to the correct radio transmitter.  We can check the specifications for you and produce a cable that's the correct length for each of your musicians.  These include jacks for Electric Violins and Violas where movement and cable length need to be correct.

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Cables for Musicians
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