Infra-Red Hearing Systems


Warnersound install automated hearing systems into venues.  These can be as simple or complex as each venue needs, including speech enhancement aids, tour guide systems and artifact description effects.

Infra-Red systems have many advantages over traditional loops.  An old fashioned loop can cause interference with audio visual equipment, including modulation into electric guitar pickups and more seriously interference with projectors and video signals.  These loops are often only effective in certain areas of a room.

A modern Infra-Red set up uses a beam of light to transmit an audio signal to a receiver.  By careful placement of transmitters a venue can have a full coverage for all wearers of the receivers.

A receiver can be given to users with either a set of headphones or a personal induction loop, for uses such as translation for multi language events or speech reinforcement for the hard of hearing.

The system can be integrated into Warnersound's attraction work.  Using sound banks, sensors and transmitters, museums can have a bespoke solution designed to give explanations to individual users in localised areas.

Tour systems can also be designed to play voice-overs and effects through museums triggered by infra-red or IR Tags to create an experience unique to the speed and language of each individual.

For more information on projects and how we can design a system for you, please contact us.

Recent Work:

Jubilee Community Centre, East Grinstead have recently used Warnersound as a consultant and installation company.  They needed a solution for the hard of hearing, and a Sennheiser Infra-Red System with an automixer was built.  This hearing system automatically chooses between ambient mics and local sources to ensure the hearer always has the best possible sound and is never "cut off" from hearing.  Compression is carefully set within the system to ensure the level emitted to the user is kept consistent.

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