PA for Functions and Concerts

PA for Functions

Warnersound provide packages suited to your concerts and functions, be it a one off event or a touring production.  Warnersound's in house kit includes d&B speakers and a great collection of microphones including Neumann, Shure and Sennheiser mics.  Engineers who mix for Warnersound have worked with a world class range of musicians.  This combination of top class kit with expert engineers ensures your event has the best chance of success.

Function Bands using Warnersound PA

Our PA jobs range from small but important PA's for events such as a wedding band playing as people enter a venue, to touring theatre productions.

Whatever your needs Warnersound can supply you with a microphone and speaker package to suit your needs.  We love to help touring bands.

Wedding with Brenthouse Band

Recent events include a small PA for John Lewis in Stratford to provide some Christmas spirit in the store, and a large scale concert in Horsham featuring a Big Band, Choir and String section as well as five soloists.

Venues includes shopping centres, theatres, Churches and Cathedrals, conference centres and large auditoriums.

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