Audio for tough Venues

Audio for tough Acoustics

Warnersound love a challenge.  Audio becomes exceptionally interesting when the venue is not a simple conference room or theatre.

Events can be ruined when the guest comes to speak and cannot be heard by the audience, either due to feedback or it simply being "too ambient".

Ensuring the technical side is thoroughly researched and carefully planned mades a world of difference.

This has been proved several times over on a range of tours and concerts engineered in venues by Warnersound such as Truro Catchedral, Canterbury Cathedral and many more Cathedrals, Churches and museums across the country.

Canterbury Cathedral asked Dave of Warnersound to provide a solution for their event with Graham Kendrick.  This challenge required careful planning to keep the sound clear throughout the Nave, both inside and outside the pillars for a full audience.  By planning a distributed delayed d&B system carefully, using both electronic means and experience Warnersound created and implemented a plan which gave such good results that many people came across to compliment the sound after the event.

Of this event, the Reverand John Leach wrote to Warnersound to say:

"Hi Dave - Just to let you know that the Diocese is buzzing after Sunday night in the Cathedral, and to say a huge thank you for your input.  It was a joy to work with you, and a real privilege to watch real pros at work.  People are saying that they didn't think it was possible to get such a good clear sound in that building.  

Personally I was bowled over by the sheer numbers of people who turned up: it was a fitting culmination and fulfilment of a vision we had over a year ago, and you helped us make it so special." - Rev John Leach

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