Radio Mics

Warnersound stocks the Sennheiser G3 300 series range.  As well as having a solid feel, these units are proving to be exceptionally reliable and work well for most situations.  The range is more than adequate for most concert venues and conferencing needs.

For mulitple systems the Sennheiser ASA1 feeds two remote aerials into the receivers to help prevent frequency issues, providing a great dual diversity system with the aerials where you need them.

Sennheiser hire prices:

Sennheiser G3 ew 312 Belt pack and rack mounted receiver with choice of lapel microphone or headset - 

£40 per day, £120 per week (excluding VAT).

Sennheiser G3 300 series Handheld transmitter and rack mounted receiver - 

£40 per day, £120 per week (excluding VAT).

Senhesier ASA1 and two omni directional aerials.  Enhances the receiving power of the G3 series as well as preventing problems caused by multiple small aerials in a small space.  

Day rate £40 per day on it's own, £20 per day when hired with a four receiver package.  £120 per week on own, £60 per week with a four receiver package (excluding VAT).

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